Fulgear fishy?

Oct 16, 2000 by Ian Evans

The story over the stolen Oscars® earlier this year is still going and has just turned into the “this should be a movie” zone.

The hero of the big night, Willie Fulgear, who found the missing golden boys in a dumpster and received a $50,000 reward and two tickets to the show, is the brother of one of the thieves.

54-year-old John Harris has been charged in connection with the theft of 55 Oscars®. He was charged with receiving stolen property and being an accessory after the fact to grand theft.

Fulgear himself has not faced any charges yet, but police say that the investigation is ongoing and that he has not been ruled out. Fulgear actually called police about two months after the awards to say that someone broke into his home and stole a safe containing $40,000 of the reward money. (Willie. Three words: Use a bank.)