Main News Archive for Oct 2000

Comic genius Steve Allen dead at 78

Oct 31, 2000 – First host of the Tonight Show dies of a heart attack.

Parents beat the Witch

Oct 29, 2000 – Robert De Niro’s Meet the Parents #1 for 4th week.

Tenenbaums’ family expands

Oct 26, 2000 – Gene Hackman joins the cast of Anderson comedy.

Smith back in the ring

Oct 24, 2000 – Will Smith’s stalled Ali biopic gets the green light.

Academy announces Nicholl Screenwriting Fellowship winners

Oct 23, 2000 – Five new writers awarded $25,000 by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Boo hoo Hugh

Oct 22, 2000 – Elizabeth Hurley’s out on the town with new beau.

Academy injects festivals with cash

Oct 20, 2000 – 14 U.S. film festivals get gifts from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Broadway legend Gwen Verdon dead at 75

Oct 19, 2000 – Four-time Tony winner dies of natural causes.

Eddie helps strikers

Oct 18, 2000 – Eddie Murphy donates $100,000 to the SAG strike relief fund.

Okay, now you can buy the toasters

Oct 18, 2000 – Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones set wedding date.

Hurley says she’s sorry

Oct 17, 2000 – Liz apologizes to the Screen Actors Guild.

Fulgear fishy?

Oct 16, 2000 – Willie Fulgear, the man who found the stolen Oscars®, is the brother of one of the thieves.

Smith pic TKO’d?

Oct 16, 2000 – Muhammad Ali biopic may be shelved.

Pardon the mess…

Oct 14, 2000 – Vservers, our hosting company was having technical difficulties.

98 Degrees feels the heat

Oct 13, 2000 – Lightweight pop group hit by heavyweight lawsuit.

Friends return

Oct 12, 2000NBC’s hit show has back-to-back episodes to start off the new season.

Almost Feathered

Oct 11, 2000 – Almost Famous star Kate Hudson signs on for Four Feathers.

Dawson’s Dukes Dies

Oct 10, 2000 – David Dukes dies of heart attack at age 55.

Are you looking at him?

Oct 09, 2000 – De Niro comedy pulls in audiences this weekend.

Richard Farnsworth dead at 80

Oct 07, 2000 – Oscar®-nominated actor dies of self-inflicted gunshot.

Sinatra helped JFK get elected

Oct 05, 2000 – Old Blue Eyes asked mob friends to assist Kennedy, according to daughter.

Ford’s next career move might submerge him

Oct 04, 2000 – Harrison Ford may play Russian sub commander in next flick.

Good weekend for Denzel, bad one for Minnie

Oct 02, 2000 – Denzel Washington’s latest opening is his biggest yet, while Minnie’s was anything but beautiful.