Sinatra helped JFK get elected

Oct 05, 2000 by Ian Evans

In an interview with CBS60 Minutes, Tina Sinatra, Frank’s youngest daughter, said her father asked organized crime to help JFK win the presidency.

In the interview, which airs October 8th, Tina says Frank Sinatra was asked by JFK’s father Joseph to have his friends in the Mafia help secure the union vote in the West Virgina primary. She says Sinatra asked Chicago mob boss Sam Giancana who replied it would be “…a couple of phone calls.”

However when Kennedy was elected his younger brother Robert F. Kennedy, the Attorney General, started his assault on organized crime.

Tina goes on to say that her father, along with Sammy Davis, Jr. and Dean Martin, had to perform in a Giancana-owned club for eight nights to make amends.