Mike Myers faces yet another lawsuit.

Jul 07, 2000 by Ian Evans

Mike Myers, already facing a breach-of-contract lawsuit from Universal of the film Dieter, is now being slapped with a $30 million dollar lawsuit from Imagine Entertainment over the same flick.

The $30 million figure they’re seeking for damages is their projected share of the film’s estimated gross profit. Myers was originally facing litgation from Universal Pictures who on June 6th said that Myers was in breach when he pulled out of making the film based on his old SNL character. Both litigants say his claim that he had script approval and he wasn’t happy rang a little hollow considering he was the script’s writer.

Imagine also stated that Myers “…has followed a pattern and practice of breaking his promises, betraying the trust of others and causing serious damages to those with whom he deals through selfish, egomaniacal and irresponsible conduct.” They also claim that “Myers’ misconduct was also characterized by expressions of inexcusable bigotry,” though they did not specify what that meant.

It’s quite a dramatic situation for the Canadian-born comedian.