On again?

Aug 29, 2000 by Ian Evans

Okay folks, it’s not like they couldn’t afford to cancel the trip.

Newspapers around the world have published photos of Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley having fun as they enjoy a vacation. Together. Kissing fun. Holding hands fun.

For those following this real life soap, Liz and Hugh said they were splitting up on a temporary basis a few months ago.

Then Liz said it was permanent.

Then Liz told Jane magazine that Hugh was “less than adequate” in bed.

Then Liz said that she never said that and Hugh was “fantastic”.

Jane said they had her comments on tape.

Then Liz said nothing.

Then the wacky couple (who despite the split still share a home) are seen being cosy together. Hey, it keeps their names in front of the public at least.