Anna Nicole Smith to get $400+ million

Sep 27, 2000 by Ian Evans

A federal bankruptcy judge has awarded former Playboy Playmate Anna Nicole Smith $449 million in a court battle with the son of her late husband over his $1.6 billion estate.

The amount may actually change as they will subtract whatever punitive damages Smith might get awarded in a separate civil case.

“Anna is very happy with the award and she’s extremely happy this may be first step toward the beginning of the end,” said Smith’s lawyer.

Lawyers for J. Howard Marshall’s son, Pierce, argued that though her late husband showered Anna Nicole with gifts, he never included her in any of his wills.

The couple met at a Texas strip club where Smith was working in 1991. They married in 1994 when she was a ripe old 25 and the billionaire was 89 years young. He died 14 months later.

That started the lengthy court battles as Smith claimed she was promised 50% of his estimated $1.6 billion estate.

If she wants to start a new film career, she’ll now have the money to buy one.