Travolta comes out on top

Jun 11, 2001 by Ian Evans

After back-to-back flops last year — Battlefield Earth and Lucky NumbersJohn Travolta was definitely in the scary downward part of the rollercoaster ride. Weekend box office estimates show he can stop screaming for a minute as his latest film Swordfish raked in an estimated $18.1 million — roughly $9 million for each of Halle Berry’s naked breasts.

Shrek continued to amuse and delight audiences and laughed its way to the number two spot with $16.5 million. Meanwhile, Pearl Harbor dropped another 50%, taking the third spot with $14.7 million.

The truth may be out there, but the big bucks weren’t for former X-Fileer David Duchovny, whose Evolution landed at #4 with $13.4 million.