A second slice

Aug 20, 2001 by Ian Evans

In a summer where most number one films tumble the next week, American Pie 2 became the first film since June’s Pearl Harbor to stay at number one for two weeks in a row.

Mena Suvari and friends held the top spot with an estimated $21.4 million take. Rush Hour 2 kept its second place finish with roughly $19.2 million.

Of the new flicks this week, the comedy Rat Race did the best, crossing the finish line with $11.8 million. The other two films in the top five were the Nicole Kidman thriller The Others with $10.8 million and The Princess Diaries with $9.5 million.

The two other big releases this week had disappointing openings. Savaged by the critics, the Nicolas Cage/Penelope Cruz romance Captain Corelli’s Mandolin was sixth with $7.1 million and American Outlaws could only rustle up a $4.8 million haul for the eight spot.