People’s Choice Awards

Jan 13, 2002 by Ian Evans

The 28th Annual People’s Choice Awards were given out Sunday night and, as always, you didn’t need to watch the whole show to know who the winners were.

If you’ve paid attention over the years, you’ve realized that 90% of the time only the winners show up. Hmm, the cast of Friends is there. And the winners is: Friends.

The category of Favorite Male Television Performer was a tie. When Kelsey Grammer took to the stage, he said kudos to fellow winner Ray Romano, who hadn’t been announced as the winner yet.

We really love it when people pretend to be shocked. C’mon folks. The winners that can’t make it send in pre-taped thank you’s while holding their trophies. If the producers would drop the pretense that this is an awards show and get rid of all the envelope opening, perhaps they could come up with a new and interesting format to make them stand out during the crowded kudofest season.

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