Black Hawk Down takes MLK weekend

Jan 22, 2002 by Ian Evans

The Golden Globes and the Martin Luther King weekend are over and it was a pretty good weekend for the box office.

Black Hawk Down, which was in its first week of wide release after a limited Oscar-qualifying LA run, took the top spot with a box office of just over $33.6 million.

Snow Dogs, which the critics dogged, obviously did well with kids and parents as it was able to fetch $23.7 million.

Hobbits, orcs and assorted humans still flocked to the cinemas to see The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring, as Frodo and the gang took in $15.2 million. After Russell Crowe and the film took home Globes on Sunday, A Beautiful Mind went home with $14.7 million. Orange County rounded out the top five with a haul of $10.5 million.