Amanda loses: Chosen by bachelor jerk

Apr 26, 2002 by Ian Evans

The Bachelor, ABC’s answer to a question that was never asked, ended last night with 31-year-old Harvard-educated doofus Alex Michel choosing 23-year-old Amanda Marsh. Her parents must be proud of his good taste…or was it their daughter “tasting good”…as the second last episode included a photo of her covered in chocolate after an NYC hotel tryst.

The other loser of the night, 29-year-old Miami Heat dancer Trista Rehn was noticeably upset after not being chosen. The last episode included Alex telling her he was sure it was her, followed by them turning off the bedroom camera and Alex asking if she was ready to get “into a compromising position.”

“You have made my heart race since the first day,” he told Rehn, before dumping her. “I’ve enjoyed every moment that we’ve spent together, but I don’t think we’re meant to spend our lives together.”

As she was driven away, Rehn told the camera, “It’s not that I a thousand percent wanted to be engaged today. It’s just that we had such a great talk the other night and he told me, ‘It’s you.’ Those were his words.”

At least ABC has been able to find an even lower common denominator.