Perdition tops weekend after all

Jul 23, 2002 by Ian Evans

It always pays to wait a day for the weekend box office numbers.

On Sunday, initial studio estimates had Road to Perdition and new release Stuart Little 2 tied. That was revised to the computer animated mouse squeaking into number one by a whisker. When the final numbers were released, Tom Hanks and his Road to Perdition castmates had taken the top spot by about $300,000 US. The DreamWorks release took in $15.4 million in its second week compared to Sony’s family flick which vacuumed about $15.1 million out of parents’ pockets.

Road to Perdition took the top spot depsite the fact that it is still playing in less theatres than either the cheese-eater or the aliens of the #3 film, Men In Black II, which took in $14.5 million in its third weekend.

Harrison Ford and Liam Neeson’s sub drama, K-19: The Widowmaker, sank before it set sail and took the fourth spot with $12.7 million while Disney’s Reign of Fire rounded out the top five with $7.3 miilion.

Eight Legged Freaks only managed to scare about $6.4 million into its web for seventh place.