Christ threepeats

Mar 15, 2004 by Ian Evans

Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ took the top spot for a third straight weekend as North American moviegoers added another $31.7 million to its collection plate and pushing it past the $264 million dollar point.

Meanwhile, Johhny Depp’s latest vehicle, Secret Window, made it to second with an estimated $19 million opening. The comedy team of Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson put another $16 million behind bars with Starsky & Hutch, while Hidalgo’s fourth place showing was based on a $11.7 weekend.

Agent Cody Banks: Destination London, one of the two big openings this weekend, hit the fifth spot with $8 million, while David Mamet’s Spartan, which stars Val Kilmer, took the 10th spot with $2 million.