Grudge sequel takes top spot

Oct 17, 2006 by Ian Evans

Each weekend, studio executives release box office estimates based on actual Friday and Saturday grosses added to Sunday guesses. Those are the numbers first reported on the TV news. Sometimes the execs overshoot a bit, as happened with this weekend’s topper, The Grudge 2.

The weekend estimate was $22 milion. When the final figures were released, the actual number was closer to $20.83 million. Meanwhile, on the other end of mistake wheel, The Departed actually did betther than the estimates, taking second with $19.03 million vs. an $18.7 million estimates.

Robin Williams’ new comedy Man of the Year opened in third with $12.29 million while Open Season added another $11.1 million in its third weekend. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning rounded out he top five with $7.48 million.