Ice Age: The Meltdown thaws box office

Apr 05, 2006 by Ian Evans

Ice Age: The Meltdown topped the weekend box office, but it’s opening wasn’t as big as originally estimated. On Sunday, Fox estimated that the computer-animated sequel had opened to $70.5 million, which would have made it the second biggest animated opening after Shrek 2. By the time the final figures were tallied, the film opened at a still massive $68 million, but that figure does drop it to the fourth-best animated debut.

Last week’s topper, Inside Man, stole the second spot with $15.4 million, while ATL debuted in the third spot with $11.5 million. Failure to Launch celebrated its fourth week in fourth place with $6.4 million, while V for Vendetta rounded out the top five with $6.2 million.

Despite all her press tours, Sharon Stone’s Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction opened in tenth with a mere $3.2 million.