Swank says Lowe’s substance abuse a factor in divorce

Jul 05, 2006 by Ian Evans

Hilary Swank has told Vanity Fair magazine that ex-husband Chad Lowe’s substance abuse was a factor leading up to their divorce.

“I knew something was happening but I didn’t know what,” she told the magazine. When I found out, it was such a shock because I never thought he’d keep something from me. And yet, on another level, it was a confirmation of something I was feeling that was keeping us from being completely solid. I don’t want to make it seem like that’s the sole reason; there were other factors. But that just kind of blew it open. It made me look at things a lot deeper. That’s when you realize it’s not going to work.”

Swank said that Lowe had been clean and sober for three years now. There was no comment from Lowe’s camp.