Jackass Number Two is number one

Sep 25, 2006 by Ian Evans

You know the world’s a little topsy-turvy when Jackass Number Two not only opens at number one, but also scores better with critics than an Oscar®-bait film like All the King’s Men.

Jackass Number Two topped the North American b.o. with an estimated grab of $28.1 million. That more than doubled Jet Li’s Fearless which opened with $10.6 million. Gridiron Gang gained a few more yards with $9.7 million while Flyboys took wing with $6 million. The computer-animated Everyone’s Hero took in $4.75 million to round out the top five.

Meanwhile, All the King’s Men, which features a heavy-hitting cast including Sean Penn and Jude Law, opened in seventh spot with a puny $3.8 million.