Paris Hilton charged with DUI

Sep 07, 2006 by Ian Evans

At least you can’t say Paris Hilton’s publicist doesn’t earn his money.

Elliot Mintz was left with some ‘splaining to do when his socialite client was arrested and charged with driving under the influence. The Thursday morning arrest took place when LAPD officers noticed her driving erratically and she failed a field sobriety test.

Mintz said his 25-year-old client “had one drink” on an empty stomach and said she failed the Breathalyzer test with “the very absolute lowest reading you can possibly get to warrant being taken in.”

“Of course these matters are never to be taken lightly,” said Mintz, who added that it was “unfortunate she was behind the wheel of a car even with one drink.” He concluded by saying that “It’s her first offense and hopefully it will never happen again.”

Is “first offense” referring to her DUI or her music CD? Because there really should be a law against that.