Recent Patrick Stewart News

TIFF announces attending filmmakers

Aug 26, 2015 – 40th Toronto International Film Festival announces the folks who’ll grace the red carpets and cinemas.

Cars parks in first spot

Jun 14, 2006 – Final tally a couple of million less than estimates.

Aniston and Vaughn top box office

Jun 06, 2006 – Who knew The Break-Up could be a date film.

Queen’s honours for showbiz

Dec 29, 2000 – Spielberg, Milligan and Stewart get honours from the UK.

““I do” or “Make it so?

Aug 29, 2000 – Patrick Stewart ties the knot.

What’s $3 million between friends?

Jul 17, 2000 – Final tally for X-Men drops it to sixth best three-day opening ever.

X-Men surprises analysts with big box office

Jul 16, 2000 – Estimated $57.5 million opening second only to MI:2 this summer.

Happy Birthday Patrick

Jul 13, 2000 – X-Men star Patrick Stewart turns 60 and joins our Celebrity Row.