Will Smith Entries for 2002

This page provides links to all of the Will Smith entries for 2002.

Austin Powers takes #1

Jul 29, 2002 – Beats comedy opening record. (more)

Perdition tops weekend after all

Jul 23, 2002 – It always pays to wait a day. (more)

Tommy Lee Jones beats Tom Hanks

Jul 14, 2002 – But Road to Perdition is a close second and made more per screen. (more)

MIB2 blasts away opponents

Jul 08, 2002 – Break July 4th record held by first Men in Black. (more)

A plethora of presenters

Mar 22, 2002 – More names get added to the list. (more)

Oscar® nominees announced

Feb 12, 2002 – The hobbits lead with 13 nominations. (more)

Hobbits top last weekend

Jan 01, 2002 – Lord of the Rings tops the box office. (more)