23rd Toronto International Film Festival Coverage: Day Seven

Day Seven — Wednesday Sept. 16

Day Seven started off quiet enough. I went to see a screening of Rushmore. Judging by the laughs, sorry, the howls in the audience, this was the comedic hit of the Festival. Bill Murray is at his understated best here.

“When did she get so big?” That was the question posed to me by another photographer as we waited for the arrival of Drew Barrymore at the Home Fries screening.

It was a mob scene, fans and security struggled as Drew signed autographs and posed for pictures. It took almost twenty minutes for Ms. Barrymore to travel the 20 feet from her car to the door of the theatre. The Judas Kiss gala followed and Carla Gugino was the big hit amongst the press.

Here are the photos from Day Seven of the Festival.

TIFF Day Seven Photo Galleries