24th Toronto International Film Festival Coverage: Day Eight

There’s nothing like starting your day off with three press conferences in a row. The first was for The Big Kahuna which stars Kevin Spacey and Danny DeVito. We followed that with the Nick Nolte/Bruce Willis vehicle Breakfast of Champions. Finally, when we thought we couldn’t take any more, we had our ribs tickled by the insane Robin Williams for Jakob the Liar.

Then it was off to Roy Thompson Hall for the Gala screening of Jakob the Liar. Large crowds of fans outside, but still pretty quiet.

That was contrasted by the mad crush at the Breakfast of Champions premiere. Besides the fans there was a large number of pushy paid autograph seekers who then resell the autographs. Though the press was separated by ropes from them, they simply pushed past them as Willis entered the Elgin Theatre.

Still, we survived with all limbs intact.

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