24th Toronto International Film Festival Coverage: Day Nine

It’s the second last day of the festival. Two press conferences and a bunch of photo ops.

The first press conference was for Women Talking Dirty which was produced by Elton John. That was followed by the Q&A for Wayne Wang’s Anywhere But Here starring Natalie Portman and Susan Sarandon.

Then it was off to the Uptown Cinemas where Guinevere was having its premiere. Sarah Polley and Stephen Rea signed autographs for the assembled fans. Down at the Elgin, director Norman Jewison was showing a work-in-progress screening of The Hurricane, a biopic which stars Denzel Washington.

At the same time that screening was going on, Elton John, Roger Ebert and others were arriving at the Elgin for dinner. Once that madness died down, we rushed over to Roy Thompson Hall for the Gala Premiere of Anywhere But Here.

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