29th Toronto International Film Festival Coverage: Day One

Our coverage of Day 1 of the festival got underway with the gala premiere of Being Julia at Roy Thompson Hall. The star of the film, Annette Bening, was accompanied by husband Warren Beatty, actor Shaun Evans was there with his girlfriend, singer Andrea Corr, and we also got our first shots of Jeremy Irons.

That gala was followed by the premiere of When Will I Be Loved? at the Ryerson Theatre. The James Toback film stars Neve Campbell, whose career has been dancing dangerously close to the “Where are they now?” file. There’s a lot of buzz around this film mostly due to the fact that Neve’s famous no-nudity clause has been tossed out in the name of art and career resuscitation.

Finally, we headed off to the Liberty Grand for some free food and booze at the fest’s opening night party.

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