32nd Toronto International Film Festival Coverage: Day Two

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The day started off with the new film by Joel and Ethan Coen, No Country For Old Men. It was the perfect way to really start the Festival for me.

Based on the Cormac McCarthy novel, the film is a tightly wound drum of violence, crime, greed and evil. There’s not a false note in the whole film about a drug deal that’s gone wrong.

Josh Brolin plays Llewellyn Moss, a hunter who comes across the money from the botched deal. The hunter becomes the hunted when Anton Chigurh searches for the missing money. Chigurh, played to evil perfection by Javier Bardem, is a man who stops at nothing and will not let anything or anyone stop him. Trying to follow the trail of blood is a task that falls to the local sheriff, Ed Tom Bell, played in a dry, wry manner by Tommy Lee Jones.

Beautiful desert landscapes serve as the backdrop for the violent action that takes place as the story unfolds.

I don’t want to say too much more about it at this point. No Country For Old Men opens in North America on November 21st. Don’t miss it.

After the film we headed out to start covering the red carpets.

Reese! Jake! George!

If the photographers weren’t yelling the names out, then the crowds of fans lined up outside Roy Thompson Hall were.

Today we shot photos at the press conferences for The Brave One and Rendition as well as red carpets for Rendition and Michael Clayton.

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