33rd Toronto International Film Festival Coverage: Day Nine

It’s amazing what a year or so of tabloid hijinks can do to a once promising career. The festival continues to wind down and today I’m covering the red carpet for actress Jodie Markell’s feature debut The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond.

The lead role of this film, based on a forgotten Tennessee Williams’ screenplay, was originally slated to go to Lindsay Lohan. Today we shot Bryce Dallas Howard, the film’s star, and though Lindsay’s been in town during the fest it was to party with P. Diddy and hang out with DJ girlfriend Samantha Ronson.

Bryce is a rising star with The Village and Spider-Man 3 behind her, while Lindsay is now direct-to-DVD if she’s lucky.

There are rising stars, falling stars, and the type of star that just shines and shines. That title would have to go to one of the film’s other stars, Ellen Burstyn. It’s only fitting to say that she “graced” the red carpet with her presence, her smile, and her timeless beauty. In this time of TMZ starlets, it’s nice to see a real class act.

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