33rd Toronto International Film Festival Coverage

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The 33rd edition of the Toronto International Film Festival ran from September 4th to the 13th, 2008. We covered all ten days of the Festival, from red carpets to press conferences.

Dusty Cohl - co-founder of the Toronto International Film Festival

Dusty Cohl - 1929-2008

Thanks, Dusty, for being such a great friend to filmmakers and filmlovers around the globe and for bringing those same people to share the love in Toronto.

Here are some facts about the 2008 edition of the festival:

There were 312 films shown of which 249 were features and 63 were shorts. Of the features, 116 were world premieres, 29 were international premieres and 92 were North American premieres.

The films were selected out of 4209 submissions and represented 64 countries and 20,693 minutes of film. The longest film was 262 minutes, which was just over 87 times longer than the shortest film.

Nobody knows how many kernels of popcorn fell on the floors of cinemas across the city.