58th Annual Academy Awards Results and Commentary (1986)

  • Date of Ceremony: Monday, March 24, 1986
  • For films released in: 1985
  • Host(s): Alan Alda (video), Jane Fonda (video) and Robin Williams (video)
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The 58th Annual Academy Awards were hosted by Alan Alda, Jane Fonda and Robin Williams on Monday, March 24th, 1986.

The pundits had made the evening out to be a battle between The Color Purple and Out of Africa, each with eleven nominations.

In a shocker, The Color Purple left the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion with zero golden statuettes in its hands, putting it in a class with another shutout with eleven nominations, 1977’s The Turning Point.

The Oscar gold flowed towards Out of Africa, which netted seven awards including Best Picture and Best Director for Sidney Pollack.

The acting awards were spread out amongst four films. William Hurt’s performance in Kiss of the Spider Woman earned him Best Actor. Best Actress Geraldine Page had been nominated seven times before without a win, while Best Supporting Actor Don Ameche’s win for Cocoon was his first nomination in a career that spanned four decades. After a thunderous ovation, Ameche looked at his Oscar and said, “To all you members of the Academy, this esteemed gentleman here says that you have given to me your recognition; you’ve given to me your love; you have given to me, and I hope I have earned, your respect. For all these, I am deeply grateful.”

Referring to John Huston, Best Supporting Actress Anjelica Huston said her Prizzi’s Honor win “…means a lot to me since it comes from a role in which I was directed by my father, and I know it means a lot to him.”

Paul Newman, who was given an Honorary Oscar “…in recognition of his many and memorable compelling screen performances and for his personal integrity and dedication to his craft” thanked the Academy from Chicago, where he was filming The Color of Money. “I certainly want to thank the members of the Academy. And I’m especially grateful that this did not come wrapped as a gift certificate to Forest Lawn,” said Newman.


Best Picture

  • Out of Africa
    Sydney Pollack [Producer]

Best Directing

  • Out of Africa
    Sydney Pollack

Best Actor in a Leading Role

  • Kiss of the Spider Woman
    William Hurt

Best Actress in a Leading Role

  • The Trip to Bountiful
    Geraldine Page

Best Actor in a Supporting Role

  • Cocoon
    Don Ameche

Best Actress in a Supporting Role

  • Prizzi's Honor
    Anjelica Huston

Best Foreign Language Film

  • The Official Story

Best Art Direction

  • Out of Africa
    Stephen Grimes [Art Direction] and Josie MacAvin [Set Decoration]

Best Cinematography

  • Out of Africa
    David Watkin

Best Costume Design

  • Ran
    Emi Wada

Best Documentary (Feature)

  • Broken Rainbow
    Maria Florio and Victoria Mudd

Best Documentary (Short Subject)

  • Witness to War: Dr. Charlie Clements
    David Goodman

Best Film Editing

  • Witness
    Thom Noble

Best Makeup

  • Mask
    Michael Westmore and Zoltan Elek

Best Music (Original Score)

  • Out of Africa
    John Barry

Best Music (Original Song)

  • White Nights "Say You, Say Me"
    Lionel Richie [Music and Lyric by]

Best Short Film (Animated)

  • Anna & Bella
    Cilia Van Dijk

Best Short Film (Live Action)

  • Molly's Pilgrim
    Jeff Brown and Chris Pelzer

Best Sound

  • Out of Africa
    Chris Jenkins, Gary Alexander, Larry Stensvold and Peter Handford

Best Sound Effects Editing

  • Back to the Future
    Charles L. Campbell and Robert Rutledge

Best Visual Effects

  • Cocoon
    Ken Ralston, Ralph McQuarrie, Scott Farrar and David Berry

Best Writing (Screenplay - based on material from another medium)

  • Out of Africa
    Kurt Luedtke

Best Writing (Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen)

  • Witness
    Earl W. Wallace [Screenplay and Story by], William Kelley [Screenplay and Story by] and Pamela Wallace [Story by]

Honorary Award

  • Paul Newman
    Note: …in recognition of his many and memorable compelling screen performances and for his personal integrity and dedication to his craft.
  • Alex North
    Note: …in recognition of his brilliant artistry in the creation of memorable music for a host of distinguished motion pictures.

Medal of Commendation

  • John H. Whitney Sr.
    Note: …for Cinematic Pioneering.

Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award

  • Charles "Buddy" Rogers

Scientific or Technical Award (Scientific and Engineering Award)

  • IMAX Systems Corporation
    Note: …for a method of filming and exhibiting high-fidelity, large-format, wide angle motion pictures.
  • Ernst Nettmann [of E.F. Nettmann & Associates], Edward Phillips [of Matthews Studio Equipment, Inc.] and Carlos DeMattos [of Matthews Studio Equipment, Inc.]
    Note: Ernst Nettmann of E.F. Nettmann & Associates for the invention, and to Edward Phillips and Carlos DeMattos of Matthews Studio Equipment, Inc. for the development, of the Cam-Remote for motion picture photography.
  • Myron Gordin [of Musco Mobile Lighting, Ltd.], Joe P. Crookham [of Musco Mobile Lighting, Ltd.], Jim Drost [of Musco Mobile Lighting, Ltd.] and David Crookham [of Musco Mobile Lighting, Ltd.]
    Note: …for the invention of a method of transporting adjustable, high-intensity luminaires and their application to the motion picture industry.

Scientific or Technical Award (Technical Achievement Award)

  • David W. Spencer
    Note: …for the development of an Animation Photo Transfer (APT) process.
  • Harrison & Harrison, Optical Engineers
    Note: …for the invention and development of Harrison Diffusion filters for motion picture photography.
  • Larry Barton [of Cinematography Electronics, Inc.]
    Note: …for a Precision Speed Crystal-Controlled Device for motion picture photography.
  • Alan D. Landaker [of The Burbank Studios]
    Note: …for the Mark III Camera Drive for motion picture photography.
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