6th Annual Academy Awards Results and Commentary (1934)

  • Date of Ceremony: Friday, March 16, 1934
  • For films released in: 1932-1933
  • Host(s): Will Rogers
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The 6th Annual Academy Awards took place at the Ambassador Hotel on March 16th, 1934.

The ceremony was hosted by Will Rogers, who also acted as the presenter for all the categories. When announcing the winner for Best Director, Will said, “Come and get it, Frank!” Lady for a Day director Frank Capra was halfway to the stage when he realized the actual winner was Cavalcade director Frank Lloyd. In his autobiography Capra said he was humiliated. “That walk back — through applauding V.I.P.s yelling ‘Sit down! Down in front! Sit down!’ as I obstructed their view — was the longest, saddest, most shattering walk in my life. I wished I could have crawled under the rug like a miserable worm. When I slumped in my chair I felt like one. All my friends at the table were crying.”

Capra vowed never to return, but he did the following year when It Happened One Night was nominated and won multiple times.


Outstanding Production

  • Cavalcade

Best Directing

  • Cavalcade
    Frank Lloyd

Best Actor

  • The Private Life of Henry VIII
    Charles Laughton

Best Actress

  • Morning Glory
    Katharine Hepburn

Best Art Direction

  • Cavalcade
    William S. Darling

Best Assistant Director

  • William Tummel
  • Charles Dorian
  • Charles Barton
  • Dewey Starkey
  • Fred Fox
  • Scott Beal
  • Gordon Hollingshead

Best Cinematography

  • A Farewell to Arms
    Charles B. Lang Jr.

Best Short Subject (Cartoon)

  • The Three Little Pigs
    Walt Disney

Best Short Subject (Comedy)

  • So This Is Harris
    Louis Brock

Best Short Subject (Novelty)

  • Krakatoa
    Joe Rock

Best Sound Recording

  • A Farewell to Arms
    Paramount Studio Sound Department and Franklin B. Hansen [Sound Director]

Best Writing (Adaptation)

  • Little Women
    Victor Heerman and Sarah Y. Mason

Best Writing (Original Story)

  • One Way Passage
    Robert Lord

Scientific or Technical Award (Class II)

  • Electrical Research Products Inc.
    Note: …for their wide range recording and reproducing system.
  • RCA-Victor Company, Inc.
    Note: …for their high-fidelity recording and reproducing system.

Scientific or Technical Award (Class III)

  • Fox Film Corp., Fred Jackman, Warner Bros. Pictures Inc. and Sidney Sanders [of RKO Studios Inc.]
    Note: …for their development and effective use of the translucent cellulose screen in composite photography.
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