Colin Farrell Entries for 2003

This page provides links to all of the Colin Farrell entries for 2003.

Farrell’s a dad

Sep 15, 2003 – Potty-mouthed meet potty-trained. (more)

Weekend not good for newbies

Aug 26, 2003 – Did anyone see Lisa Kudrow’s film? (more)

Anger manages to take top spot

Apr 16, 2003 – Final figures show a $42.2 million tally. (more)

How many filmgoers fit in a Phone Booth?

Apr 08, 2003 – About $15 million worth. (more)

Ben, Colin and Harrison dust off their tuxes

Mar 04, 2003 – More names added to the list of Oscar presenters. (more)

Pacino and Farrell recruit filmgoers

Feb 04, 2003 – Final weekend results have The Recruit grossing $16.3 million but FD2 is a close second. (more)

Presenters start lining up for Golden Globes

Jan 09, 2003 – Who will be announcing the winners? (more)