Halle Berry Entries for 2003

This page provides links to all of the Halle Berry entries for 2003.

The people have spoken

Dec 02, 2003 – People’s Choice Awards announce top votegetters. (more)

Cat collects 2 million less hairballs

Nov 25, 2003 – Flick’s opening doesn’t crack $40 million. (more)

Berry and Benet call it quits

Oct 02, 2003 – Three-year marriage dogged with infidelity rumours. (more)

Carrey Almighty

May 27, 2003 – Divine comedy takes top spot for Memorial Day weekend. (more)

Halle lands on her feet

Mar 15, 2003 – Oscar®-winning actress to play Catwoman. (more)

Denzel has a great weekend

Mar 10, 2003 – Takes home three at the NAACP’s 34th annual Image Awards (more)

Oscar® presenters start lining up

Feb 19, 2003 – Note: If you don’t want your goodie bag, send it our way. (more)

More Globe presenters announced

Jan 13, 2003 – Berry, Ford and Stone practice opening envelopes (more)