Julia Roberts Entries for 2001

This page provides links to all of the Julia Roberts entries for 2001.

Tide of moviegoers washes Ocean’s 11 to top spot.

Dec 11, 2001 – Harry Potter sinks to number 2. (more)

People’s Choice Nominations

Nov 27, 2001 – The awards season rolls with the announcement of the People’s Choice nominees. (more)

Apes swing into lead

Jul 30, 2001 – Planet of the Apes breaks records to take number one spot. (more)

Dinosaurs are America’s sweethearts

Jul 23, 2001 – T. Rex beats J. Roberts. (more)

Bratt and Roberts split

Jun 28, 2001 – Julia Roberts has an Oscar®, but she no longer has a Benjamin (more)

SAG winners announced

Mar 11, 2001 – The Screen Actors Guild hands out its honors. (more)

Moviegoers chose to have their popcorn with a side of Mexican

Mar 05, 2001 – After four weeks filmgoers give up a diet of human flesh as The Mexican beats Hannibal. (more)

And it’s Julia by a neck in the home stretch.

Feb 24, 2001 – Oscar® pundits predict the winners. (more)

Presenters list grows

Feb 24, 2001 – More stars added to the list of confimed Oscar® presenters. (more)

I’ll buy 100 shares of Julia to win…

Feb 20, 2001 – Trading your entertainment opinions on the Market Echo game. (more)

Oscar® nominees announced

Feb 13, 2001 – Some of the usual suspects and a few surprises. (more)

SAG Award nominations

Jan 30, 2001 – The Screen Actors Guild announces the nominees for their film and television awards. (more)

Golden Globe winners

Jan 21, 2001 – The Golden Globes are over for another year. (more)

Our next presenter is…

Jan 19, 2001 – Gearing up for the Golden Globes (more)

People’s Choice winners announced

Jan 07, 2001 – Annual survey announces its favorites. (more)