Main News Archive for May 2000

Grant and Hurley Split

May 23, 2000 – After 13 years, the frequently photographed couple calls it quits.


May 17, 2000 – The Artist Formerly Known as Prince…is Prince once more.

Two more years of coffee shops

May 14, 2000 – The cast of Friends sign for a hefty pay increase.

Natalie to shake her bon-bons?

May 12, 2000 – Natalie Portman may team up with Ricky Martin in a sequel to Dirty Dancing.

Darva to bare all

May 10, 2000 – Former Millionare bride to appear in August Playboy.

Halle fined

May 10, 2000 – Halle Berry pleads no contest to her traffic accident.

Douglas Fairbanks Jr. dead at 90

May 08, 2000 – The decorated war hero and actor dies at the age of 90.

Anakin chosen

May 08, 2000 – George Lucas chooses Hayden Christensen to play Anakin Skywalker in Episode II

Jolie and Thornton tie the knot

May 07, 2000 – Runours flew recently that Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton had tied the knot. Turns out they just got the date wrong.

Central Perk ups coffee prices

May 04, 2000 – The cast of Friends are asking for a hefty salary increase.