Recent Mark Wahlberg News

Oscar nominations announced

Jan 23, 2007 – No Best Picture nod for Dreamgirls.

Scorsese has best opening ever

Oct 10, 2006 – Audiences arrrive for The Departed.

Virgin has a great weekend

Aug 23, 2005 – What headline did you expect?

Wahlberg wins weekend

Aug 16, 2005 – Four Brothers takes top spot

A plethora of stars to present Golden Globes

Jan 16, 2005 – Celebs get ready for Hollywood kudos party.

More flicks added to TIFF slate

Aug 10, 2004 – Toronto Film Festival schedule gets busier.

Nemo reels in the bucks

Jun 03, 2003 – Nothing fishy about $70 million.

Apes swing into lead

Jul 30, 2001 – Planet of the Apes breaks records to take number one spot.

Wahlberg finds out The Truth About Charlie

Dec 12, 2000 – Mark Wahlberg to star in Jonathan Demme’s remake of Stanley Donen’s Charade.

Screaming fans greet Hollywood hunks

Sep 13, 2000 – Wahlberg and Phoenix hit the Toronto International Film Festival