Nicole Kidman Entries for 2001

This page provides links to all of the Nicole Kidman entries for 2001.

A second slice

Aug 20, 2001 – American Pie 2 takes the top spot for a second week. (more)

American Pie 2 takes a slice out of the box office

Aug 12, 2001 – Raunchy comedy breaks R-rated record. (more)

Kidman responds to Cruise

May 04, 2001 – Actress says she was shocked by Tom’s request for a divorce. (more)

Cruise sues gay porn star

May 02, 2001 – Tom Cruise has launched a $100 million suit against a gay porn star. (more)

Cruise takes the next step

Feb 07, 2001 – After announcing their separation a few days ago, Tom Cruise files for divorce. (more)

Cruise and Kidman split

Feb 05, 2001 – Hollywood supercouple announce their separation. (more)

Our next presenter is…

Jan 19, 2001 – Gearing up for the Golden Globes (more)