Russell Crowe Entries for 2002

This page provides links to all of the Russell Crowe entries for 2002.

Does Russell need a toaster?

Dec 16, 2002 – Crowe gets engaged to Danielle Spencer. (more)

Fellow actors choose Crowe and Berry.

Mar 11, 2002SAG holds their eighth annual kudofest. (more)

Oscar® nominees announced

Feb 12, 2002 – The hobbits lead with 13 nominations. (more)

Crowe and Roberts to present

Feb 01, 2002 – Stars kick off confirmed presenters. (more)

Black Hawk Down takes MLK weekend

Jan 22, 2002 – Strong numbers in first week of wide release. (more)

A Beautiful Globe

Jan 20, 2002 – A Beautiful Mind takes home four awards. (more)