Tom Cruise Entries for 2005

This page provides links to all of the Tom Cruise entries for 2005.

Cruise tosses sister

Nov 08, 2005 – Cruise hires new rep for damage control. (more)

Holmes tosses publicist

Oct 07, 2005 – Cruise’s sister now her mouthpiece. (more)

Cruise and Holmes expecting child

Oct 05, 2005 – Now the real couch jumping begins. (more)

Batman’s beginning

Jun 21, 2005 – Box office still down from last year. (more)

Tom Cruise victim of TV prank

Jun 20, 2005 – Four men arrested after premiere soaking. (more)

Tom pops the question to Katie

Jun 17, 2005 – Holy Xenu Batman, they’re engaged! (more)

Cruise crusade

May 27, 2005 – Aggressive interview dismisses mental health profession. (more)

Scarlett doesn’t do the impossible

May 10, 2005 – Scarlett Johansson opts out of Mission: Impossible III (more)

Klein pleads guilty

Apr 30, 2005 – Actor gets fine and community service. (more)

Tom and Katie sitting in a tree

Apr 27, 2005 – Flacks confirm relationship. (more)