Recent Tom Hanks News

Hobbits still rule

Jan 07, 2003 – Another great weekend for the hairy-footed adventurers.

Signs tops the weekend

Aug 06, 2002 – New records for Shyamalan and Gibson.

Austin Powers takes #1

Jul 29, 2002 – Beats comedy opening record.

Perdition tops weekend after all

Jul 23, 2002 – It always pays to wait a day.

Tommy Lee Jones beats Tom Hanks

Jul 14, 2002 – But Road to Perdition is a close second and made more per screen.


Feb 20, 2002 – More folks added to Oscar® appearance list.

People’s Choice Awards

Jan 13, 2002 – Survey winners take home the prize.

Nine films eligible for animated Oscar

Dec 12, 2001 – Academy committee will now determine the three nominees

People’s Choice Nominations

Nov 27, 2001 – The awards season rolls with the announcement of the People’s Choice nominees.

Hanks to receive AFI tribute

Oct 26, 2001 – Will get 30th AFI Life Achievement Award on June 22nd.

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