1st Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards (1995)

SAG Awards Actor statuette
Actor Statuette
©2005 SAG
  • Date of Ceremony: Saturday, February 25, 1995
  • For performances seen in: 1994
  • Location: Universal Studios, Los Angeles CA
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The Screen Actors Guild handed out it’s first awards in a ceremony aired on NBC on February 25, 1995. The new awards show paid tribute to the work of actors in both film and television.

The Guild’s highest honor, the Life Achievement Award, was presented to comedy legend George Burns.

Heading into the ceremony, the following production(s) had three or more nominations:

  • Forrest Gump: 4
  • Pulp Fiction: 3
  • Mad About You: 3
  • Picket Fences: 3
  • Seinfeld: 3
  • Chicago Hope: 3
  • Frasier: 3
The Actor Statuette Photo Credit: Mark Hill ©2005 Screen Actors Guild.