24th Toronto International Film Festival Coverage

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The Toronto International Film Festival celebrates it’s 24th birthday as we hit the 1999 edition. The Festival is loved by both moviemakers and moviegoers. The Toronto International Film Festival is often described as a “people’s” festival because the public are allowed to enjoy advanced screenings of works that may not actually be released for another year or so. The filmmakers love this because they get the immediate audience reaction that may help them improve or better market their films.

Speaking of marketing, the Toronto International Film Festival is also that, a market. Several of the films that appear at the Festival are still without a distributor and the producers are hoping that someone will snatch it up. The deals are often made in hallways, elevators or bars, as distributors sometimes rush to grab a film before anyone else does. In 1997, October Films reps left the cinema during Robert Duvall’s The Apostle in order to start wheeling and dealing.

Digital Hit Entertainment covered all ten days of the 1999 Festival and we’ve got a ton of photos to show you.