29th Toronto International Film Festival Coverage: Day Two

Day two of the 29th Toronto International Film Festival began with a press conference for last night’s opening gala, Being Julia. We followed that with a screening of Beyond the Sea and then a double scoop of press conferences for I Heart Huckabees and Clean.

Beyond the Sea is Kevin Spacey’s biopic of singer Bobby Darin. You can tell that the film, which stars Spacey and Kate Bosworth, is a labour of love. The sight of the 45-year-old Spacey (who looks older in his makeup) playing a 20-something Darin while wooing Bosworth does require a bit of suspension of disbelief, but these moments are somewhat forgotten whenever Spacey picks up the mic to sing one of Darin’s signature tunes. The song-and-dance numbers seem to be the driving force behind Spacey’s tribute as the dramatic scenes feel rushed and the supporting cast (John Goodman, Bob Hoskins and Brenda Blethyn) just keep chirping about how great Bobby is.

A night of premieres followed including Clean, Crash __and __Childstar. A busy day and we have the photos to prove it.

TIFF Day Two Photo Galleries