69th Annual Golden Globe Awards Results and Commentary (2012)

  • Date of Ceremony: Sunday, January 15, 2012
  • For films released in: 2011
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Welcome to Digital Hit’s 69th Golden Globe Awards coverage. The awards were hosted by Ricky Gervais for the third consecutive year. Our live coverage began at 8pm ET.

8:00 PM

“So, where was I?” says Ricky Gervais as he walks out.

“The Globes are just like the Oscars, except without all the esteem.”

8:06 PM

Gervais introduces Johnny Depp and asks him if he’s actually seen The Tourist. Johnny says no. Depp then introduces the clip for the Martin Scorsese film Hugo.

8:08 PM

Gerard Butler and the gorgeous Mila Kunis announce the nominees for Best Supporting Actor – Motion Picture. And the Golden Globe goes to Christopher Plummer for Beginners.

“And lastly, a fair lady called Elaine, my wife of 43 years whose bravery and beauty haunts me still.” – Christopher Plummer

8:13 PM

Ashton Kutcher and Elle Macpherson stroll out after Plummer’s speech to present Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series – Musical or Comedy. And the Golden Globe goes to Laura Dern for Enlightened , It’s Dern’s third career Globe.

8:19 PM

Julianne Moore and Rob Lowe announce this year’s Miss Golden Globe, but sadly the teleprompter is not working. They then present Best Mini-series or TV Movie. And the Golden Globe goes to Downton Abbey. Julian Fellowes accepts as the cast and production team take to the stage.

“How fabulous this is. The whole “Downton Abbey” adventure has been an extraordinary one, like spotting a promising child and waking up to find they won the Olympics, and that’s what we’ve lived through. Of course it’s down to Carnival and ITV and NBCUniversal and Masterpiece on PBS, and we’re very grateful to all of them.” – Julian Fellowes

Lowe and Moore then present Best Actress in a Mini-series or TV Movie. And the Golden Globe goes to Kate Winslet for Mildred Pierce. It’s her third career Globe too.

8:27 PM

Frieda Pinto introduces the clip for Midnight in Paris.

8:32 PM

Jeremy Irons and HFPA President Aida Takla-O’Reilly talk about the work of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and pay tribut to the film industry.

8:33 PM

Jake Gyllenhaal then presents the clip for My Week with Marilyn.

8:34 PM

Gervais is back. “We’re already five minutes over. It’s your fault, not mine.” He then introduces Melissa McCarthy and Paula Patton. The two ladies are presenting Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Drama. And the Golden Globe goes to Kelsey Grammer for Boss.

“I’d like to thank the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, Chris Albrecht for his insight and balls to — and money, actually, to go ahead and produce all eight episodes without ordering a pilot first, and it made all of the difference; Farhad Safinia for his extraordinary writing; Stella Bulochnikov for her tireless energy and my partner and fellow cohort in crime, Brian Sher, as well.” – Kelsey Grammer

Melissa and Paula then present Best Television Series – Drama to Homeland.

“I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to be standing here on behalf of all the people, all the talented people who helped to make this show what it is. Our extraordinary cast, led by the incandescent Claire Danes and the irrepressible Damian Lewis, our director Michael Cuesta who brings this incredible eye and impeccable taste to every scene he directs. The best writing staff in the business, Meredith Stiehm, Chip Johannessen, Alexander Cary and Henry Bromell. And I want to thank my wife lastly, who is my wartime consigliere on this show. I love you, and I share this with you.” – Alex Gansa

8:44 PM

Jimmy Fallon and Adam Levine riff on “Moves like Jagger” before presenting Best Original Score. And the Golden Globe goes to Ludovic Bource for The Artist.

“I’m sorry I’m French. Too much for me tonight. Thank you to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and this incredible honor. I better with music than words. Right now if I were to write a song, it would be a tap-dance number. So the power of the music is that it’s universal. The gift of the silent film is that it’s also universal. So thank you, Michel, for the greatest opportunity and partnership a composer could wish for.” – Ludovic Bource

Fallon and Levine also present Best Original Song. And the Golden Globe goes to Madonna for W.E.’s “Masterpiece.”

“I would also like to thank my manager, Guy Oseary, who I spend most of my time beating up on. But, seriously, he harangued me for the entire time I was filming and editing my movie to write a song for the film. Then I said, “Please, Guy, I’m trying to focus on being a director, and I want people to pay attention to the film, and I don’t have time.” So then I finished the film, and I started making my record, and somehow, magically and miraculously, the song emerged, “Masterpiece.” So thank you, Guy Oseary, for being so irritating” – Madonna

8:52 PM

Turkish actress Meltem Cumbul tells us how many countries the Globes are seen in and wishes everyone peace.

8:57 PM

Katherine McPhee and Debra Messing who co-star in Smash duet on presenting Best Performance by an Actor in a Mini-Series or Motion Picture made for Television. And the Golden Globe goes to Idris Elba for Luther.

“This is for the fans. I want to say to the fans, I have the most loyal fans in the world, and I thank you all over the world. I appreciate it.” – Idris Elba

8:59 PM

Brad Pitt introduces the clip for his buddy George Clooney’s film The Ides of March.

9:00 PM

Kate Beckinsale and Seth Rogen stroll out. Rogen says, “I’m currently trying to conceal a massive erection.” After Kate laughs, they present Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Musical/Comedy to Michelle Williams for My Week with Marilyn.

“Gosh, you know, I consider myself a mother first and an actress second. And so the person that I most want to thank is my daughter, my little girl, whose bravery and exuberance is the example that I take with me in my work and in my life. I want to say thank you for sending me off to this job every day with a hug and a kiss — I couldn’t have done it otherwise — and making me so excited to come home at night and for suffering through six months of bedtime stories where all the princesses were read aloud in a Marilyn Monroe-sounding voice.” – Michelle Williams

9:07 PM

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Piper Perabo present Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture made for Television. And the Golden Globe goes to Game of Thrones’ Peter Dinklage.

“I was talking to my mother in Jersey before I came out, and she said, “Have fun, but have you seen “Mildred Pierce’? Guy Pearce is so good. He’s going to win.” So I haven’t seen “Mildred Pierce,” but I’m sure it’s really good, and I just love our moms because they keep us humble.” – Peter Dinklage

9:10 PM

Gervais comes out beer in hand. He introduces George Clooney who strolls out with Brad Pitt’s cane. “He needs it back or he can’t get to the bar.” He then introduces the clip for Moneyball.

9:13 PM

Jessica Alba and Channing Tatum, acting a little less than animated, carefully read the teleprompter as they introduce the nominees for Best Animated Feature. And the Golden Globe goes to The Adventures of Tintin. Director Steven Spielberg accepts.

“I’d like to thank two studios that really proved the adage that Peter and I could make the telephone book if we wanted to because Sony and Paramount gave us a chance to turn an 80-year-old series of wonderful books into a motion picture…” – Steven Spielberg

9:20 PM

Haywire star Ewan McGregor gives a shout out to Christopher Plummer before introducing the clip for 50/50.

9:21 PM

Clive Owen and Nicole Kidman share the duty of presenting Best Screenplay. And the Golden Globe goes to Woody Allen for Midnight in Paris. Allen’s not there.

9:23 PM

Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy sing a little tune before announcing the nominees for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture made for Television. And the Golden Globe goes to Jessica Lange for American Horror Story. It’s her fifth career Golden Globe.

“I would like to thank the great group of actors that I had the pleasure of working with and a wonderful crew, but more than anything, I want to thank the writers because I find it more and more rare or rarer every year to find — to find a piece of work that is really beautifully written and gives you something to do, and it certainly was this. So I’d like to thank the writers.” – Jessica Lange

9:30 PM

Gervais is back at the podium. “Our next presenter is the Queen of Pop, Sit down Elton. it’s not you.” It’s actually Madonna and she’s presenting Best Foreign Language Film. Iran’s A Separation wins. Writer-director Asghar Farhadi accepts.

“When I was coming up on the stage, I’m also thinking what should I say? Should I say something about my mother, my father, my kind wife, my daughters? My dear friends? My crew, big and lovely crew? But no. I’ll just say something about my people. I think they are a truly loving people.” – Asghar Farhadi

9:34 PM

Dustin Hoffman jokes that his wife and agent encouraged him to present tonight. He then presents Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series – Drama. And the Golden Globe goes to Claire Danes for Homeland. She first won a Globe when she was fifteen.

“OK, so I first won this award when I was 15 for “My So-Called Life,” and I was utterly stunned and overwhelmed as one is. And the first thing I did when I left the stage was burst into tears because I realized that I had forgotten to thank my parents. And I brought my mom with me tonight, Carla.” – Claire Danes

9:42 PM

Emily Blunt, shimmering in gold, introduces the clip for Bridemaids.

9:43 PM

Tina Fey and Jane Lynch, two seriously funny ladies, share presenting duties for Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Musical or Comedy. Matt LeBlanc wins for Episodes.

“And, most importantly, I think, thanks to our writers/producers — wow, I’m so nervous — our writers/producers, Jeffrey Klarik and David Crane, who I’ve known for a real long time and I hold in the highest regard as friends and as writers. And they write a Matt LeBlanc who, let’s be honest, is way more interesting and fun than the real thing. I wish I was him. Thank you.” – Matt LeBlanc

9:46 PM

Bradley Cooper works solo as he presents Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture. And the Golden Globe goes to Octavia Spencer for The Help.

“This is seriously nuts. Thank you to the Hollywood Foreign Press, seriously. You know, with regard to domestics in this country now and then, I think Dr. King said it best, “All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance,” and I thank you for recognizing that with our film.” – Octavia Spencer

9:54 PM

Reese Witherspoon, doing the vav-va-voom thing in a skin-tight red dress, introduces the clip for The Descendants.

9:55 PM

The legendary Sidney Poitier gets an ovation as he walks out to talk about Morgan Freeman, recipient of tonight’s Cecil B. DeMille Award. Helen Mirren then comes out to complain that she’s only been in one movie with Freeman — “Couldn’t Miss Daisy have been English?” — before she introduces clips from his films.

10:03 PM

Freeman takes to the stage to accept his honor.

“Thank you, Helen. I can’t really tell you how it feels to be up here being touted by a woman I love so much. No offense, Taylor. You know I love you. Working with you on “Red” was great fun, really great fun. But I learned one thing: Watching you handle a gun makes me know I never want to piss you off. And Sidney, Mr. Poitier, being up here receiving this award, this tribute that you yourself received, getting it from you makes it clear to me that, though they call this Cecil B. DeMille Award, in my house it will also be known as the Sidney Poitier Award. And I’m going to try to get all this in in a very short time. In my movie career, I got save the world, solve some crimes, commit some crimes, drive Miss Daisy, be Nelson Mandela, play the President of the United States and even God. Looking at all those clips from all those films that I made over all those years, I’m struck by two things: I got to play with people that I really, really admire, and how much fun I’ve been having.” – Morgan Freeman

10:11 PM

Robert Downey Jr., in tails, presents the clip for The Artist.

10:12 PM

Angelina Jolie, looking really thin, presents Best Director. And the Golden Globe goes to Martin Scorsese for Hugo.

“…because we have a 12-year-old daughter, Francesca, her name is. And when she was 10 she read this beautiful book by Brian Selznick called “The Invention of Hugo Cabret,” and she said to me, “Why don’t you, you know, read this book, and why don’t you make a film a daughter can see for once.” So we did. And I have to thank her. I have to thank Francesca.” – Martin Scorsese

10:16 PM

Ricky Gervais introduces Salma Hayek and Antonio Banderas, getting bleeped as he says something along the lines of not understanding a word they say. The lovely pair present Best Television Series – Musical or Comedy. And the Golden Globe goes to Modern Family. Sofia Vergara speaks in Spanish then show creator Steven Levitan mistranslates.

“On behalf of everyone in “Modern Family,” thank you to the Hollywood Foreign Press for this tremendous honor. Thank you to the “Modern Family” writers, who are so funny and so sexy. Film actresses, do yourself a favor at the parties tonight and give them your phone numbers. They may look pasty and nervous and out of shape, but they’re the greatest lovers I’ve ever had. Seriously.” – Steven Levitan

10:23 PM

Michelle Pfeiffer introduces the clip for War Horse.

10:24 PM

Jessica Biel, dressed like a grandmother’s dining room table cloth, and Mark Wahlberg present Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Musical/Comedy. And the Golden Globe goes to Jean Dujardin for The Artist.

“. I think all of us at one time get told no. When I was starting out, an agent said to me, “You’ll never do movies. Your face is too expressive, too big. Except my forehead, my eyebrows are independent. No, seriously, I’ve always followed my instinct and to fight for my dreams. So I want to thank him for letting me prove him wrong.” – Jean Dujardin

10:32 PM

Queen Latifah intros the clip for The Help.

10:33 PM

Ricky, who we’ve hardly seen tonight, says, “We’re almost there.” He introduces Colin Firth by saying he’s racist and punches blind kittens. Colin’s presenting Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama. And the Golden Globe goes to Meryl Streep for The Iron Lady.

“I know I’m going to leave you out, but any one of these performances in any given year would have, you know, been a standout, an award-winning performance, but the fact that they all came this year is really, really good news for all of us because sometimes it seems that serious, challenging, weird movies are like exotic birds, rare, extinct, near-extinct birds, and every year a new flock flies in, and somebody picks them up and gives them money, and we get to see them.” – Meryl Streep

10:39 PM

Jane Fonda introduces the nominees for Best Motion Picture – Musical/Comedy. And the Golden Globe goes to The Artist. Producer Thomas Langmann accepts.

“In 1965, a young French man directed and wrote and produced a show film, and then prayed for a miracle to come, and it came. This show film was nominated for best show film in 1966. In those days, he didn’t have enough money to come to Hollywood and pay for a flight ticket and receive this Oscar. This man was my father named Claude Berri. So it is now almost three years he passed away, and it is such an honor, such a great honor to receive this from the Foreign Press Hollywood, from being in this room and remembering him.” – Thomas Langmann

10:47 PM

Ricky Gervais notes that Natalie Portman won a Globe and an Oscar last year. Then she had a baby and nothing this year. “Don’t put family first,” warns Gervais. Portman’s presenting Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama. And the Golden Globe goes to George Clooney for The Descendants.

“Well, it’s a funny thing about evenings like this. You get a chance to catch up with old friends and see people that you haven’t seen in a long time. I wanted to say it’s nice to see Brad, and it’s nice to be able to tell him what not just wonderful work he’s doing in two films this year, but also what wonderful work he does in the rest of the world, to the rest of the people. And I’m a fan. It’s also — you get to meet a lot of other, you know, wonderful young actors. I met — I’d like to thank Michael Fassbender for taking over the frontal-nudity responsibility that I had. Michael, honestly, you can play golf like this with your hands behind your back?” – George Clooney

10:54 PM

Harrison Ford presents the nominees for Best Motion Picture – Drama. And the Golden Globe goes to The Descendants.

10:58 PM

Gervais says goodbye, “I hope you enjoyed the goodie bags, champagne and gold, I hope it took your mind off the recession.”

10:59 PM

Thanks for joining us.