Main News Archive for Mar 2006

Lord of the Rings stage version opens to ho-hum reviews

Mar 24, 2006 – Reviewers don’t feel the excitement.

Did Hayes really quit South Park?

Mar 23, 2006 – Foxnews is reporting press release may have been done by a Scientologist.

Academy Film Archive gets $100,000 for preservation work

Mar 22, 2006 – Money will restore two Otto Preminger films.

Janet Gaynor to be saluted by Academy

Mar 20, 2006 – Gaynor was the first recipient of the Best Actress Academy Award.

W for Winner

Mar 20, 2006 – V For Vendetta opens at Number One.

Failure to Launch tops weekend

Mar 14, 2006 – Rom-com opens with $24 million.

Sean Connery recovering from kidney surgery

Mar 14, 2006 – Scottish actor had surgery a few weeks ago.

Isaac Hayes quits South Park

Mar 13, 2006 – Actor cites show’s ridicule of religion.

Crash takes Best Picture

Mar 06, 2006 – The little golden guy spreads the love amongst several movies.