Failure to Launch tops weekend

Mar 14, 2006 by Ian Evans

While some folks might view a Sarah Jessica Parker/[textileRef:104578784665e55d39f082c:linkStartMarker:“Matthew McConaughey”:/cr/matthewmcconaughey/] flick as one-stop shopping to avoid seeing both actors, apparently enough disagreed and their romantic comedy Failure to Launch topped the box office this weekend with a $24.4 million North American opening.

Tim Allen’s remake, The Shaggy Dog, opened in second with $16.3 million, while another remake, The Hills Have Eyes, opened in third with $15.7 million.

The Bruce Willis cop drama 16 Blocks had a $7.4 million second weekend, while Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Family Reunion rounded out the top five with $5.7 million in its third weekend.