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The 26th People's Choice Awards

Welcome to Digital Hit's live coverage of the 26th Annual People's Choice Awards. We'll have commentary and results. The winners in the nominees list below will be marked with "**".

The hosts for the evening are Nash Bridges co-stars, Don Johnson and Cheech Marin. After a lil' schtick with mixed-up languages and cue cards, the show got underway. Two of the categories, New Drama and New Comedy could be voted on the internet.

The first presenter of the night was Rob Lowe, the first category Favorite Female Television Performer. The winner was Calista Flockhart of Ally McBeal. Besides thanking the crew, Calista made a point of thanking the public for their support and encouragement.

The next presenter was the winner of the category for the last eight years. Tim Allen presented the award for Favorite Male Television Performer to Drew Carey. Drew was not there.

The next two presenters, Blair Underwood and Vivica A. Fox, were there to hand out the award for Favorite Television Comedy Series to Friends. Lisa Kudrow did the speaking honors for the huge number of people involved that came up on stage. Like most of the winners, Kudrow announced that they had the best writers/crew/etc. Expect to hear that a few more times tonight.

Christina Applegate came out to present the award for Favorite Male Performer in a New Television Series. The winner of that category was Once and Again's Billy Campbell. He said he was so happy to work on that show that he whistled to work each day.

Eddie Cibrian and Jason Wiles of Third Watch handed out the statue for Favorite Television Dramatic Series. The winner of that category was ER. Anthony Edwards and friends took the stage. Edwards dedicated the award to the real doctors and nurses in ER's throughout the States. He hoped that the only traumas people saw were on their show, but if real trauma did hit them, they were in good hands.

Army Archerd, the show's co-producer and Variety columnist, introduced Dr. Frank Newport of the Gallup Organization to explain the polling process used to select the winners.

Speaking of which, it's easy to pick the winners in this show. It's the people who show up, as the winners are notified before the show. Sean Hayes and Eric McCormack of Will & Grace presented the award for Favorite Female Performer in a New Television Series. The winner was Jennifer Love Hewitt. She made a special point to thank the craft services people who provide the food on her set. It's funny that she won the award. If she's the favorite, then why is her show so low in the ratings?

Craig Kilborn came out to present the music awards. The winners of Favorite Musical Group was the Backstreet Boys. They were not in attendance. Kilborn joked they were touring as 'N Sync. The next trophy for Favorite Male Musical Performer was awarded to Ricky Martin. Guess what? Ricky wasn't there but they had a special video presentation...which was Kilborn saying that Ricky wasn't available for that either. He then made fun of the typical People's Choice acceptance speech. The final music award, for Favorite Female Musical Performer, was won by Shania Twain. Again, they went to video, where Kilborn presented the award to David Brenner.

Matthew Perry then came out to present the category of Favorite Motion Picture Star in a Drama to Bruce Willis for The Sixth Sense. Is it just me or do you hate it when the audience in the public gallery scream and scream and delay the show? Drop us a line.

Kevin James and Ray Romano were the next presenters. Their schtick involved Kevin pointing out that Ray lost and Ray pointing out that Kevin wasn't even nominated. They handed out the award for the internet winners of the Favorite New Comedy Series. The winner was a person favorite Stark Raving Mad. Tony Shaloub and Neil Patrick Harris accepted the award.

The statues for Favorite Motion Picture and Favorite Dramatic Motion Picture were handed out next by Melina Kanakaredes. The winner of both awards was The Sixth Sense. The films writer/director M. Night Shyamalan thanked the public for responding so well to the movie.

Betty White then showed how the winners of the Favourite New Television Series usually went on to become hits. The winner of the Favourite New Dramatic Television Series was handed out by Sharon Lawrence and Mark Harmon to Providence. The show's star, Melina Kanakaredes, accepted the award.

Charlize Theron then handed out the awards for Favorite Comedy Motion Picture and Favorite Motion Picture Star in a Comedy. The winners were Big Daddy and Adam Sandler. He made a long comedic speech which eventually got hurried along.

The next presenter was Sir Anthony Hopkins, there to hand out the Favorite Motion Picture Actress. The winner of the award was Julia Roberts. She criticized the producers for cutting Adam Sandler's speech and thanked Benjamin Bratt for his love and support.

The final award was for Favorite Motion Picture Actor. The presenter was James Woods. The winners was everyone's favorite, Harrison Ford.

Well that's it, the night's over!

The People's Choice Awards are unique as they are chosen by The Gallup Organization using a representative sampling of Americans. While other major entertainment awards are based on nominations from peer-group associations or industry insiders, the People's Choice Awards listen to the audience. The people polled can vote for their favourite actors and actresses, television shows, singers and movies. The results are tallied and the awards are then given out.

And now the nominees...


Favorite Male Television Performer

Favorite Female Television Performer

Favorite Male Performer in a New Television Series

Favorite Female Performer in a New Television Series

Favorite Television Comedy Series

Favorite Television Dramatic Series

Favorite New Television Comedy Series

Favorite New Television Dramatic Series


Favorite Male Musical Performer

Favorite Female Musical Performer

Favorite Musical Group or Band


Favorite Motion Picture

Favorite Dramatic Motion Picture

Favorite Comedy Motion Picture

Favorite Motion Picture Star in a Drama

Favorite Motion Picture Star in a Comedy

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