36th Toronto International Film Festival Coverage

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Cameron Bailey and Piers Handling ©2011 DigitalHit.com

TIFF's Co-Director Cameron Bailey and CEO and Director Piers Handling, seen here at the Page Eight premiere, help steer the TIFF ship through a sea of fantastic films over Toronto's 11 day annual love letter to the movies. ©2011 DigitalHit.com. All rights reserved. Photographer: Ian Evans

The 36th Toronto International Film Festival ran from September 8th to the 18th, 2011.

Over 11 days, we’ll help guide you through the hundreds of films that get screen at TIFF, one of the world’s premiere film events. If you don’t get a chance to see all of these films on the big screen, please do your best to seek them out for home viewing. You’ll be doing your love of film a favour.