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The 35th People's Choice Awards (2009)

Welcome to DigitalHit's coverage of the 35th People's Choice Awards. This year's ceremony took place on January 7th, 2008.

9:01 PM ET

Tonight's host Queen Latifah takes to the stage to start off the most predictable award show. If they're here or performing, guess what, they've won.

9:03 PM ET

Ellen DeGeneres is tonight's first presenter. She says her job was actually supposed to be handled by Kate Hudson, but she was caught in traffic. The first award is Favorite Funny Male Star and the winner will be Adam Sandler because he's in the audience. And the People's Choice Award goes to Adam Sandler. See how this works?

9:07 PM ET

Queen Latifah announces that Carrie Underwood is the Favorite Star Under 35, then intros a performance by the former American Idol contestant.

9:15 PM ET

Queen introduces Shemar Moore to present the next category. Cheers from the fans. He's presenting Favorite Competition/Reality Show and I'm guessing Dancing with the Stars wins since Carrie Ann Inaba's in the audience. And the People's Choice Award goes to Dancing with the Stars. Inaba pretends to look surprised. Tom Bergeron accepts the award

9:19 PM ET

Kid Rock's here now to present Favorite Talk Show Host. I'm guessing Ellen wins. And the People's Choice Award goes to Ellen DeGeneres. Natch.

Ellen says she's happy 'cause this award's from the people. Because the other awards are voted on by aliens.

9:25 PM ET

Eric McCormack and Tom Cavanaugh (a couple of Canucks) take to the stage to present Favorite Combined Forces. And the People's Choice Award goes to Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown. Of course they have Chris Brown by satellite...because he already knows. Sorry for the rant, but I wish they wouldn't pretend these wins are a surprise.

9:29 PM ET

Dakota Fanning is presenting Favorite Movie Comedy. And the People's Choice Award goes to 27 Dresses. Katherine Heigl accepts the award on behalf of the film.

9:33 PM ET

Jewel picks a fan to get the CVS/Pharmacy makeover backstage. This is such a lame show.

9:37 PM ET

Queen introduces presenter Robin Williams. He's presenting Favorite Female Movie Star. And the People's Choice Award goes to Reese Witherspoon. "It's such a great way to start of the New Year." She thanks the fans, which gets the balcony drones cheering.

9:41 PM ET

Jennie Garth and AnnaLynne McCord. Lil' Jennie looks huge next to the "EAT A SANDWICH!" AnnaLynne. They announce some of the awards that they don't feel like presenting on the show.

9:46 PM ET

Queen introduces Robin Tunney. Robin in turn introduces the nominees for Favorite Rock Song. And the People's Choice Award goes to Kid Rock. Kid actually says, "What a surprise." Not.

9:49 PM ET

Teri Hatcher strolls out in basic black to handle the chore of handing out Favorite Male TV Star. And the People's Choice Award goes to Hugh Laurie.

9:56 PM ET

Queen introduces Seal. The lucky guy who wakes up next to Heidi Klum. He's presenting Favorite Female Singer to Carrie Underwood. She thanks God for her life, career and fans.

9:59 PM ET

Debra Messing says she knows a thing about guest stars. So of course she's handing out Favorite Scene-Stealing Guest Star. And the People's Choice Award goes to Robin Williams. He calls SVU's Richard Belzer the "Keith Richards of comedy."

10:02 PM ET

Rascal Flatts talk about the PCAVOTE.com website and then say the fans can choose their new album cover. Wow. Gee. Can life get any better? Or is this sadly it?

10:10 PM ET

Queen introduces Gavin Rossdale. He's presenting Favorite Leading Lady. And the People's Choice Award goes to Kate Hudson, who finally made it through traffic.

10:13 PM ET

Marisa Tomei is presenting Favorite Movie Drama. The winner is The Secret Life of Bees, which also wins Favorite Independent Movie. Queen Latifah handles the accepting chores. She adds a shout out to Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith for helping to finance it.

10:23 PM ET

After a wardrobe change, Carrie Underwood now presents a performance by Rascal Flatts. Guess I can leave for a while. They're the musical equivalent of beige.

10:28 PM ET

David Boreanaz is presenting Favorite Female TV Star. And the People's Choice Award goes to Christina Applegate, who actually wore a lovely dress to this lame show. She thanks the fans who sent their support during her recovery from breast cancer.

10:37 PM ET

Thankfully there's only about 23 minutes left. I don't have to drink ground glass after all.

10:37 PM ET

Jon Cryer from Two and a Half Man is presenting Favorite TV Drama. Someone in the audience yells, "I love you, Ducky!" And the People's Choice Award goes to House. Hugh Laurie accepts the award on behalf of the 200+ people who work on the show. He says the number of people on the stage represent the viewers they had in the first year

10:41 PM ET

Carrie Ann Inaba is now presenting Favorite New TV Comedy. And the People's Choice Award goes to Gary Unmarried. I've never heard of this show. Have you? Inaba now presents Favorite New TV Drama. And the People's Choice Award goes to The Mentalist. Simon Baker and Robin Tunney accept. Apparently they have the "best crew on television." Gee, doesn't every show have that. I want an actor to go up once and say their crew is average.

10:49 PM ET

Jay Mohr returns to the stage to present Favorite TV Comedy. And the People's Choice Award goes to Two and a Half Men. Angus T. Jones accepts. "Now that we've been on for six season, I'm old enough to get some of the jokes."

10:54 PM ET

Queen Latifah talks about The Dark Knight's nominations and then presents awards in four categories to the film. Christian Bale accepts. "Here's to Heath." Director Christopher Nolan also thanks the fans.

10:59 PM ET

"We made it!" says Queen Latifah. Thankfully that means the show is over.

And the nominees (and winners **) are:

Favorite Leading Man

Favorite Leading Lady

Favorite Action Movie

Favorite Comedy Movie

Favorite Movie Drama

Favorite Family Movie

Favorite Movie

Favorite Independent Movie

Favorite Cast

Favorite Male Movie Star

Favorite Female Movie Star

Favorite Male Action Star

Favorite Female Action Star

Favorite Superhero

Favorite On Screen Match Up

Favorite Male TV Star

Favorite Female TV Star

Favorite Competition/Reality Show

Favorite New TV Comedy

Favorite New TV Drama

Favorite TV Drama

Favorite TV Comedy

Favorite TV Drama Diva

Favorite Talk Show Host

Favorite Game Show

Favorite Animated Comedy

Favorite Scene Stealing Guest Star

Favorite Funny Male Star

Favorite Funny Female Star

Favorite Sci Fi/Fantasy Show

Favorite Country Song

Favorite Pop Song

Favorite R & B Song

Favorite Hip-Hop Song

Favorite Rock Song

Favorite Group

Favorite Male Singer

Favorite Female Singer

Favorite Combined Forces

Favorite Song From A Soundtrack

Favorite Online Sensation

Favorite User Generated Video