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The 33rd People's Choice Awards (2007)

Welcome to DigitalHit's coverage of the 33rd People's Choice Awards hosted by Queen Latifah. The People's Choice Awards, as we'll be told over and over again tonight, are chosen by the great unwashed group known to the entertainment elite as the "people" or "fans". Yes, you, the home viewer, has had the chance to vote on groups of people that were first narrowed down by pollsters asking randomly selected folk who their faves were.

9:01 PM ET

Host Queen Latifah's walking through the audience and you can get a glimpse of who tonight's winners are. We go through this year after year, but if you were in a cave, here's the skinny: the winners have already been told they've won and the losers generally stay home.

9:04 PM ET

Tonight's first presenter, whose dress leaves little to the imagination, is Halle Berry. She's presenting Favorite Funny Male Star...since Robin Williams is in the audience I'm going out on a limb here and saying it's his. And the People’s Choice Award goes to Robin Williams. He pretends to grope Halle. He thanks God for having Halle present the award to him. He also goes on to thank his inspirations: Jonathan Winters, George Carlin and Richard Pryor. His speech goes on and should probably have a dinner break.

9:09 PM ET

CSI:Miami's Emily Proctor, whose dress is shorter than Halle's, is presenting Favorite Male Singer. And the People’s Choice Award goes to Kenny Chesney.

9:17 PM ET

LL Cool J's task is to present Favorite Female Movie Star. And the People’s Choice Award goes to Jennifer Aniston. If we're lucky, Angelina Jolie will run up and steal it from her to continue the trend. "Thanks for enjoying The Break Up," she says to audience laughs as of course she could be referring to the event not the film.

9:20 PM ET

Christina Applegate's here to present Favorite Male Movie Star. And the People’s Choice Award goes to Johnny Depp. Depp's working in London, but here's here via satellite. Amazingly, without ripping an envelope, Applegate knows he's won Favorite Male Action Star as well. Depp thanks the fans for keeping him employed.

9:26 PM ET

Jericho's Ashley Scott and Skeet Ulrich share the duty of presenting the hardware for Favorite TV Drama. And the People’s Choice Award goes to Grey's Anatomy. Chandra Wilson does the thank you's on behalf of the cast.

9:29 PM ET

Deal or No Deal's Howie Mandel is presenting Favorite Movie Comedy. And the People’s Choice Award goes to Click. Adam Sandler accepts the award via satellite. He's playing golf in Hawaii and jokes he'll fly the audience there if he sinks a 25 foot putt. Needless to say, he does a huge swing and misses. Sandler says, "Consolation prize: barbeque, Rob Schneider's place, bring your own hamburgers."

9:38 PM ET

Cameron Diaz, with dark hair and an odd dress, is presenting Favorite Talk Show Host. Ellen's in the audience so let's save time: And the People’s Choice Award goes to Ellen DeGeneres, who we learn from the Voiceover Lady has also won Favorite Funny Female Star. Ellen's brought a couple of her show's audience members to start her speech off for her. She then reads a poem trying to include as many names as possible.

9:43 PM ET

The Class' Jason Ritter and Lizzy Caplan joke they'll sing the songs nominated for Favorite Song From a Movie. Rascall Flatts is in the house, so guess what? And the People’s Choice Award goes to Rascall Flatts. The Voiceover Lady also lets us know the band has won Favorite Remake as well.

9:50 PM ET

Wanda Sykes is presenting Favorite Leading Lady. She pretends to be psychic and announces Cameron Diaz as the winner without opening the envelope. Cameron thanks the fans and says nothing makes her happier than bringing a smile to their faces.

9:54 PM ET

Queen Latifah announces a performance by Kenny Chesney.

10:02 PM ET

Queen Latifah introduces the next presenter, Doris Roberts. Doris talks about Everybody Loves Raymond's win last year and says they'll never forget the late Peter Boyle. She then presents Favorite TV Comedy. And the People’s Choice Award goes to Two and a Half Men. The cast takes to the stage. Charlie Sheen starts off by thanking the fans. "Without you we'd be doing puppet shows in our basement." Jon Cryer adds, "Platoon makes a great puppet show."

10:07 PM ET

Vanessa Williams graces the stage to present Favorite Male TV Star. And the People’s Choice Award goes to Patrick Dempsey. "Thanks for creating Dr. McDreamy...it's changed my life."

10:14 PM ET

David Duchovny's presenting Favorite Female Action Star. And the People’s Choice Award goes to Halle Berry, who's thankful she wore underwear tonight, since the audience is right below her. She encourages the fans to wite to FOX to het a fourth X-Men.

10:18 PM ET

Hayden Panettiere from Heroes introduces a quick clip of all the categories that won't be presented on tonight's show.

10:24 PM ET

Chandra Wilson, Isaiah Washington and Eric Dane are presenting the award for New TV Drama. And the People’s Choice Award goes to Heroes. Masi Oka starts the thanks on behalf of the cast before introducing the show's creator, Tim Kring. He thanks the audience for their devotion to the show, especially since only thirteen episodes have aired.

10:29 PM ET

Hannah Montana's Miley Cyrus strolls out to present Favorite Reality/Competition Series. And the People’s Choice Award goes to American Idol. Randy Jackson thanks the fans for keeping them on the air. "How sweet it is to be loved by you, y'all!"

10:37 PM ET

Queen Latifah pays tribute to the late James Brown, before announcing the nominees for Favorite R&B Song. And the People’s Choice Award goes to "Sexyback" by Justin Timberlake. He's live via satellite from Anaheim. Justin says that "James Brown originally brought sexy back."

10:41 PM ET

The show now has sponsored categories, so know we have to sit through hearing about the nominees of the OLAY Total Effects "Love Your Look" Award. The winner is Sandra Bullock. No satellite hookup for her.

10:46 PM ET

24's Kiefer Sutherland must present the award for Favorite Female TV Star in less than 24 hours. And the People’s Choice Award goes to Eva Longoria. The recently engaged actress says, "I have a really big Mexican family and I think they all voted twice."

10:48 PM ET

Rob Morrow and David Krumholtz do some genius schtick before presenting the PCA for Favorite New TV Comedy. And the People’s Choice Award goes to The Class. Jason Ritter accepts on the show's behalf.

10:53 PM ET

We're in the final stretch and it's almost done. Latifah reintroduces Eva Longoria. Eva's presenting the final award of the night: Favorite Leading Man. And the People’s Choice Award goes to Vince Vaughn, who looks like he slept in his suit the night before. He thanks everyone on the film and thanks Jennifer Aniston, "One of the funniest, most genuine people I know, she's the best."

Queen Latifah asks Eva and Vince to stay on stage as she says goodnight. Vince looks like he'd rather be anywhere else.

11:00 PM ET


Here are the top votegetters in each category. Winners are marked with an "**".

Favorite Female Movie Star

Favorite Male Movie Star

Favorite Leading Lady

Favorite Leading Man

Favorite Female Action Star

Favorite Male Action Star

Favorite On-Screen Match-Up

Favorite Movie

Favorite Movie Drama

Favorite Movie Comedy

Favorite Family Movie

Favorite New TV Drama

Favorite New TV Comedy

Favorite TV Comedy

Favorite TV Comedy - Animated

Favorite TV Drama

Favorite Competition/Reality Show

Favorite Female TV Star

Favorite Male TV Star

Favorite Talk Show Host

Favorite Female Singer

Favorite Male Singer

Favorite Group

Favorite R&B Song

Favorite Hip-Hop Song

Favorite Pop Song

Favorite Country Song

Favorite Rock Song

Favorite Song from a Movie

Favorite Remake

OLAY Total Effects "Love Your Look" Award

Favorite Funny Female Star

Favorite Funny Male Star